Send me a postcard

You can now pay for select extensions by just sending me a postcard!

Just select ‘Send me a postcard’ during checkout and you will receive an email with instructions. You will receive a seconds email with download instructions as soon as I receive your postcard.

Is this for real?

Yes! You can download any qualifying extension for free if you send me a postcard with adequate postage.

Will I be able to download my extension immediately?

No. You will have to wait until the postcard arrives in my mailbox. This can take several days, depending on where you live.

But I need the extension now!

You can still choose one of the other payment gateways (eg. Paypal) to receive a download link immediately.

How are you going to make any money if people only send you postcards?

I don’t know yet. Maybe they like my software and decide to hire me for some custom development work.