Permalinks and new template fields

Theater for WordPress 0.12 was released on July 3, 2015. This release is all about pretty URLs, thumbnails and event dates.

Pretty production links

Choose a custom production base

You can now control what the URLs of your shows, concerts or movies look like. For example:

Go to Settings → Permalinks,  scroll down to Theater permalinks and pick a custom base for your URLs.

More thumbnail sizes

It is now possible to pick which thumbnails size to use in your listings like this:


You can use any of the predefined sizes (thumbnail, medium, large, full) or add your own with a plugin like Simple Image Sizes:


New date and time placeholders

Is is now possible to show both start and end times in your listing with one of these four new placeholders:

  • {{starttime}}
  • {{startdate}}
  • {{endtime}}
  • {{enddate}}

These placeholder replace the old {{date}} and {{time}}placeholders. They were submitted as a pull request on Github by jbrandligt. Thank you!

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